Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Decisions, Decisons....

I am currently pricing & debating the merits of cloth vs. disposables.

I figure I spend for Buddy about $50 per month in disposables.

cloth will cost about $350 to get started... that's a big chunk of change up front, but a long term savings.

BUT, will I get fed up with washing them, wringing them, etc??

AND, how long will each size last?  If I need to spend $350 every six months for the next size... well, I'd be better off just using disposables.

some things to think about.....


  1. I think that if you had used cloth with Buddy it would be worth it, however, after talking to parents at the daycare, who says it was about $600-$700 for their cloth diapers (their child is same age as Buddy) then you won't really be saving. You also need to use disposable for the first couple of months.
    If you do go disposable, Happy Heinies are AMAZING!

  2. it may sound gross, but I'm looking into used... if I disinfect, i don't think it'll be an issue.

    Also, I've found some that are multi-sized. So only one outlay of $$

    AND, I found patterns online, & a supplier of the fabric required. So if i feel very motivated, I could sew some of my own.

  3. oh, I forgot to say though, the problem with the sew-your-own is that I may need to buy a snap press... which does look pretty coool.... but do I really, REALLy need it?? And if I do buy it, that'll probably use up most of what I save in making them.

  4. If my daycare would allow it, I think I'd do cloth!

  5. Cloth is a lot of work, and for me (not judging, just passing on from my experience) I decided I was spending the same or more for cloth and doing a lot more work. Not only do you buy the cloth ones, but often you need the plastic pants to go over them to protect yourself and baby's clothes. Then you have the washing them out (gross!), the cost of laundry soap, running the washer and dryer (water and electricity at least). And my son developed a rash because they do not keep your baby's bottom as dry as the disposables do. I tried several times and he as always developed the rash, so he just couldn't use them.

  6. I know that I would not have the time or patience to stick with it, but if you do then go for it!


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