Thursday, 20 May 2010

Building The Chicken Coop

All pieces framed up, ready to put together.

Together. Ready to move onto the driveway to add the roof, & continue building. Hubby used the Lawn Tractor to drag it to the driveway.

Hubby & Chuckles heaved the roof onto the coop. It was raining when the roof was built, so it was built in the garage, then added to the coop.

Framed, built, plywooded, and loaded on the trailer, ready to be moved to the backyard.

In the backyard, after being painted.
My cousin came to visit, to help me with a large Girl Guide event. She got to help paint the coop the night before. Lucky Cousin!

ok, this is the cool part.
You can see where Daddy & Buddy are looking in the coop, with the first half of the bi-fold up. This can be lifted for ventilation.

Then, it can be lifted even more.

THEN, the bottom flips down, so that the whole thing can be hosed out as necessary.
You can see where the holes for the nesting boxes have been cut intot he sides. The nesting boxes are next on our "list of things to do."

When we built the coop, it was right after ripping out the front entryway. The 2 x 4's throughout are all recycled from that tear out. Also, a lot of the plywood was wood from around the house from other projects. the chicken wire came out of my Grandparents garage since they're moving, and the windows that will go in came from the re-store. So this project has been made with mostly "re-used" materials!

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  1. That's so cool! We've thought about raising chickens. Where did you get your coop? I love it.

  2. my hubby built the coop, in the yard, driveway, then in it's final 'home'!

  3. Your chickens really have the life -- that coop is bigger than my first three apartments. :)

  4. That is so cool!! Since it's so cute and looks like a little house, I would have a VERY hard time keeping my girls out of it!

    Thanks for PSFing with us this week!

  5. Daddy put Buddy in it the other night... I have a VERy cute video of him blowing kisses to the chickens!

    When Daddy asked hom to come out now, he just looked at him and said "nooo."

    The only door is the bi-fold, and it's held closed with two wing nuts... so Buddy won't have the dexterity (yet) to open it!

  6. That is one great chicken coop!

  7. That looks like quite the project! We had chickens when I was growing up... I'm not sure if I would want one now, but the eggs and poultry would be nice!


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