Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A day Behind Before we've Left...

{EDIT: Another potential holdup... I just found out that we may need to go to see family in Sudbury before heading out. This would push us back by another day. I will update tomorrow AM after a family conference.}

The nice thing about DIY vacations is that the schedule can be flexible. We are taking advantage of that.

I thought it would be good for SWMBO to stop in and say hi to her grandparents before we head off, and while down in the city, she can swap our 2 monoculars for pair of binoculars. Hopefully they will stay intact.

While she is in the City, I will pack the boat and build a mast crutch. Our revised plan is to leave Jackson's point tomorrow afternoon. This would mean the following plan:

  1. Arrive JP tonight and (mostly) pack the boat.
  2. Go back in the morning and install the tether for Buddy, Build a mast crutch, and buy the rest of the groceries while SWMBO goes and gets new Binoculars and sees Grandma and Grandpa.
  3. Finish packing the boat.
  4. Cobble together a mount for the fishfinder.
  5. Drop off a vehicle in Barrie.
  6. Hug SWMBO and head off.

If things go well tonight; which is to say I leave work on time, and we get things figured out for packing, and we get a decent grocery list together, we should get out around noon tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Our plan as it stands right now is:

Wednesday the 12th

  • Noon-ish: Leave JP headed for Orillia
  • Drop Mast in Atherly area
  • Tomorrow evening: Arrive Orillia, possibly stay at Washago/Severn Bridge.

Thursday the 13th

  • Early: Leave Washago and head down the canal
  • Late: Arrive Gloucester Pool

Friday the 14th

  • Early: Leave Gloucester Pool
  • Mid-Morning: Arrive Doral Marine Resort & plug in.
  • Raise Mast
  • Call Patti
  • Check in with the family.

The butterflies are growing. I'm getting a little more excited...

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