Friday, 14 August 2009

Being Enviro-friendly... Maybe

ok, so we heat our house with wood all winter long.  There are baseboard heaters throughout the house, but they're mighty expensive to run.

And we get tons of flyers.... tons & tons of them.

Does anyone know if it's better for the environment to burn them, seeing as we have a fire going anyway, or is it better to recycle???



  1. We had a wood burning stove growing up. Boy did I hate chopping and hauling wood!

  2. Personally, I agree with the point that it can pollute more to transport all that weight to be recycled than to burn it and it can give you a quick shot of heat to help get warmed in the am. Be aware that burning the flyers creates ALOT of ashes. We used to burn everything burnable. Just try to wait until you have a hot fire, so it burns as clean as possible.

  3. I hated the wood burning stove when I was preggo... man was that a challenge!

    As far as recycling goes, we have pick up at then end of our driveway weekly, at no extra cost.

  4. That's an interesting it $$$ that concerns you? or is it enviromental issues?? What does all that burning ink do to the air? interesting thought...sorry I have no answer..neither do we have a fireplace....I'm sorry for both!~ kwgrandma

  5. hmmm.. So it was suggested to me that I see if I can find a 'recipe' for paper logs.....

    As far as the $$ issue goes, I pay my property taxes monthly, and it includes weekly pickup at the end of the driveway.

    However, I know from my environmental classesa t school that collection is the most costly part of recycling, not to mention the fuel that goes into the truck!!

    But, the truck is going to go past my house whether my newspapers are there or not.... hmmmm....


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