Sunday, 16 August 2009

So Long Midland!

Doral has been quite nice. We stayed an extra night since we had to get the mast up and try to fix the masthead instruments. They have treated us really well here. The service department loaned us tools, the folks at the gas dock gave us a slip next to the pool and playground for the kids, our package from West Marine was waiting for us when we arrived, and the showers have nice hot water. Its almost heaven. The only disappointment was that the lineup to get into the restaurant was an hour long when we went for dinner. We cooked at our slip instead.

One of the tenants of the marina has offered to store our mast holder for us until we come back, and that is a big help. We will need to stow the A-Frame and small support that we had put in the mast step, but I think that we can manage that. We have also managed to move our load around so that we can sort of get around the boat. I mentioned to SWMBO that the only way to make space on the boat will be to eat our way out of being overloaded. Meals should be pretty hearty over the next few days.

Last night we met some folks on their boat "For All The Right Reasons" and had a nice chat. They are power boaters out of Port Severn, and good folks. He is a crane operator and she works in sales with Flags Unlimited. They had some good stories to share, and we stayed late. Their boat was really nice inside - very spacious and not overstuffed like ours!!

We have spoken with Patti on the VHF a few times since we arrived, but we haven't managed to cross paths with her yet. Maybe we'll find her today. I wonder if we'll have a chance meeting with Stardust out here.

Our plan for the next few days is:
  • Sunday August 16th: Head to an anchorage on Beausoleil Island
  • Monday August 17th: Anchor at Bone Island
  • Tuesday August 18th: Anchor at Indian Harbour
  • Wednesday August 19th: Anchor at Twelve Mile Bay
  • Thursday August 20th: Spend the night at Henry's at Sans Souci (Dockage)
I am hoping there will be internet at Sans Souci, but I kind of doubt it. After Henry's our next night with dockage will be at Parry Sound, which is planned for the 24th or 25th.


  1. I hope all the nasty weather from yesterday has left you unscathed. Take good care of everybody!! I'll check in here again and read...It certainly sounds like an adventure! Love ya!~ kegrandma

  2. We heard about the Tornadoes near Vaughan from other boats in the anchorage, all we got was rain and wind.


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