Sunday, 9 August 2009

Ants Having A Picnic

So you know those wooden puzzles for really little guys?

Well, Buddy has a stack of them handed down from his second cousins.  They're various themes, one has different insects, one has school things, etc.

Well, his favorite thing to to with them is turn them all upside down on the floor.  So I only usually give him one at a time.

Last night he was playing with the insect puzzle.  After he went to bed, I was picking up his things to put away, and was putting the pieces back in the puzzle.  I found all but one piece.

Me: "Honey, do you see the ants having a picnic?"
Hubby: "Ants! Where??  We have ants???  I don't see them!!"

No dear, the puzzle piece of the two ants with a sandwhich between them....

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