Friday, 7 August 2009

Fingers Crossed for West Marine

I'm not sure how many times I've gotten soaked through while out on Iris this summer, but it is more than twice. There was the miserable sail to Barrie. The race and subsequent sail home from Cook's Bay. At least one good shower in Lagoon City, and multiple waves over the bow in heavy wind. I have gotten very wet this summer.

I'm not complaining, because a wet day on the boat is better than a dry day spent cutting the lawn, but still, it would be a little more pleasant to go sailing if I had a way to stay dry.

While doing our vacation shopping we saw that West Marine had some wet weather gear on sale for a reasonable price. Too bad the smallest they had in stock was an XL. I weigh in at a medium-small size, and it looked like I was playing dress-up in my Dad's clothes when I tried on the foulies.

I asked the clerk about smaller sizes, and she reassured me that the rain gear was available in smaller sizes, but that there would be none coming in before our vacation starts. I should try the Barrie store and pick it up before the Night Race. I called.

According to the Barrie Store, the soonest the gear would be in was the 14th. I'm slated to be basking at Doral Resort that day. Patti, who is coming on the night race said she would lend a hand with delivery to Midland, but the truck arrives on the 14th - there is no guarantee that the jacket will be offloaded that day. Harumph.

Another call to West Marine and they suggested that I mail order the jacket on a rush delivery. I called the USA distribution centre, and they think the Jacket could be ordered today to arrive at Doral Marine Resort, where we are scheduled to be on the 14th ahead of our arrival. A quick call to Doral and they said they would be willing to hold the package for me to pick up on arrival, as long as I guarantee that I will be staying there overnight.

Someplace in America, a yellow rain slicker is being put in a box with my name on it, headed for Doral Marine Resort. Let the race begin...

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