Friday, 28 August 2009

Saturday August 22, 2009 - Regrouping for a Retreat

Parry Sound to Sans Souci via Water Taxi

On Saturday morning, FIL and MIL arrived just as we wrapped up breakfast. I strolled down to the Wal-Mart to find Chuck some pants that would fit over her cast, and we started clearing out the hotel room. Chuck was loaded most gingerly into the in-law’s van, and they suggested that they take Buddy also. Cutie and I decided that with him away also, we could move faster. We loaded all of Buddy’s things into the van, and then they drove us back to the water taxi. When we arrived, the folks at the marina asked Chuck how she was doing, and we enjoyed an air of celebrity. The water taxi arrived at 11:30, and half an hour later we were back at Sans Souci. We had planned a week to cover the country that this 300hp boat had just covered in 30 minutes. It was lovely from the water taxi, but as we passed through bays and inlets I wondered what we could have found poking about in our sailboat and exploring more closely. It didn’t matter now. We had to get home. Fast.

The folks on the taxi learned of our situation, and all wished us well on our trip home. The dock staff at Henry’s greeted us as we walked back to Iris, and told us that the owners wanted to talk with us before we left. We told them that would be great, we were going to eat lunch and regroup before leaving so there would be plenty of time.

The folks at Henry’s were kind enough to give us free dockage while we were in Parry Sound, and asked how Chuck’s leg was, but by the time lunch was done, and the adrenaline simmered back down to a normal level, Cutie and I were both exhausted. We declared ourselves unfit for travel, and went to bed early. I got up late in the afternoon to pay for dockage for the night, and we decided we would leave early the next morning to head home. That night we slept the sleep of the dead. Chuck and Buddy were both in the in-law’s care, our boat was secure, although damaged, and we needed the rest we got.

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