Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Frantic planning gets much done.

This past weekend was a long one. The Civic holiday is the only long weekend when retail remains open around here. We made good use of it, but apart from taking measurements, we never got on the boat all weekend. That’s probably just as well since the Civic weekend has an ages-old tradition of being when every crazy there is comes out of the woodwork and climbs aboard a boat.

We went shopping instead. Our packing list is now 91% purchased with only a handful of things left to get (mostly available within a short drive of my office), and should be completed within the next 3 days.

We got Rubbermaid bins and have started sorting things into them. Some are more full than others. We haven’t begun to think about food.

The Anchor rode has been measured out in 7 foot intervals and marked for safe use. As long as the water is no more than 14 feet deep, we are set. I need another 10 or 20 markers to finish the job. I also did an AMAZING eye splice – around a thimble – which displays my marlinspike seamanship most proudly. I should get a photo of it on here. I am almost tempted to try and back-splice the fraying ends of my dock lines.

An inflatable dinghy has been offered for our use, and we have arranged parking/bus transfers. I built a screen hatchboard (washboard) insert for the companionway, and I think it fits - testing pending.

Despite my deep concerns about preparedness, it seems like things are coming together. Now I have to keep up the momentum, and make sure stay on track.

One thing we still need: a firm commitment for a person to help bring Iris back through the Trent Canal on the homeward journey. Is anyone available for a 2-day trip from Severn inlet to Barrie (Sept 3-4th)? If you can hold a line and take instruction, you meet the qualifications.

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