Tuesday, 11 August 2009

This Wacky Weather.....

Is making me sick.

I don't normally complain on this blog, in fact I make it a point not to.

Yesterday morning I woke up, and poked the husband.

"I need you to get the baby ready today. I don't feel good."

and he did, while giving me updates...
"it's 8:00 cutie"
"It's 8:15 now.... are you calling in?"
"Ok, it's 8:30... I'm heading out......"

At 8:30 I called in late.  I start at 8:30, and it is a 45 min drive to work.  But the headache was mostly gone, and I could move without seeing stars by that time.  I figured an hour late was better than not at all.

I would have called in sick, but my boss is off, the guy next in line seniority wise was off, and then there's me.  There was also the guy two steps down from me off in the morning, and one step below him off.  So our normal staff of seven was down to three in the morning, four in the afternnon, if I was there.  And of the three of us at the top, one of us is always supposed to be there, and the other two were on vacation..

The whole reason for me being sick (here's where I get back tothe title), is that the weather was fluctuating wildly.  When this happens, I get nasty nasty sinus headaches.  There were two storms Sunday night, and another one on Monday.

Warm, cold, I don't care.  Just pick one!!

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