Thursday, 6 August 2009

All Crewed Up...

Within the bounds of my frantic planning and harried manufacturing (This week I've made screen hatchboards, and anchor rode, and an A-frame - that's more industry than I've engaged in in months) there has been a nagging doubt about finding capable crew to fill in the gaps in my sailing plans over the next month.

With both a night race, and a long sail down Georgian Bay to face, I needed folks I could depend on, and feel comfortable with, and I was getting concerned that I wasn't going to get the right people. My fears are now allayed.

For the Night race I will have 3 boat-owners aboard, and Chuck to lend relief. Patti sailed the night race with me last year, and was incredible with both her spirits, camaraderie, and boat handling skills. She is taking a weekend away from "her baby" ~ a Catalina 34 ~ to come sail Iris. Luis is a member at our sailing club, and has his own Grampian 26 which he sails with his wife and kids. And then there is Chuck, who said she'd come, but only if she gets to sleep sometimes. Looks like we are set for the night race with a crew of 4, which means that there will always be at least 2 adults on deck.

Sailing G-Bay was a bigger issue. I am confident that we will reach Pointe Au Baril, however coming home alone, while being an exciting proposition was a little more sketchy. "Lost at Sea" doesn't look good on a tombstone, and my confidence was flagging somewhat. Then I found out that Eric, who was going to help me sneak through the Trent Canal back to Lake Simcoe couldn't get away for that part of the trip. I was concerned.

FIL has tentatively volunteered to come down the canal (I think he wants to see the Marine Railroad up close) but I needed a concrete stand in who was dedicated to the trip and excited to come along.

Enter Peter.

Peter is a small boat sailor, and since he is experienced as a dinghy sailor will have a keen weather-eye and be adept in handling the boat when things get dicey. He also races on a C&C 30, and so is familiar with the goings-on of a keel boat, which although easier to sail than a dinghy, has its own quirks. Peter has sailed in the Parry Sound area, and is eager to go out on Georgian Bay. It looks like I'm all set for crew!

Now I need to polish off the last of the packing list (6% to go!) while SWMBO makes up our "Boat Cards." Then its just a matter of stripping Iris down for the night race (head out tomorrow night), and repacking her for our vacation.

AN UPDATE- Another person has stepped up to lend a hand on the night race. With Mat on board we will have a full crew, and will be a power to fear!!


  1. Thank goodness. I am sooooo glad to hear you have found more crew.

    I told Kevin that thanks to him and his schedule, not only was I missing the night race, but I could have gone back down the trent at the beginning of September.

    I am making a voodoo doll of him as we speak and the boss fully expects me to arrive with said doll and many pins on Saturday.

    Good Luck, I can't believe I'm missing all of this. Have fune


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