Saturday, 1 August 2009

Dinghy Testing.

Last night we took the hardshell dinghy we've been loaned for a test-tow. Wow. What a debacle.

After reversing nicely out of our slip, the dinghy was released so we could pull it behind the boat. The engine was put in forward, the dinghy spun sideways, and pulled the stern of Iris toward the dock. We nearly hit all the boats on our dock, and bounced the dinghy off one as it dragged along sideways behind us.

The fellow who loaned us the dinghy had warned me that one of the oarlocks wasn't working, but that he had jury rigged it so it would be fine. It wasn't working for me. The oar that did have a working oarlock didn't have a retaining pin, and kept slippin gout of the oarlock. I would get one fixed, and the other would fail.

We rowed around in circles for 5 minutes, then SWMBO made a "suggestion" that we go back to the boat before we drifted off and got in trouble.

We reboarded, and buddy threw himself on the cockpit floor and threw a tantrum. Then with him screaming, SWMBO pulled in the anchor and we motored back to our slip. A member of the club came over with suggestions of how to do things differently next time, but no one was in the right frame of mind to hear it.

I need to go back out and rethink this. Its not rocket science.

BTW - Buddy kept on cryin gthrough the night, with a few breaks for naps. I think he must be teething again, but when I dropped him off at the sitters this morning, she said her kid was upset and cranky as well. I wonder if they ate something that disagrees or are coming down with something. Anyway, a screaming kid can really get in the way of communication and boat handling.

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