Monday, 10 August 2009

How to Waterproof a sleeping bag:

This is more of a Girl Guide tutorial than a normal post.... but since Guides is a big part of my life, I thought that I would share it here (And really, this will work for anyone going camping)

Materials Needed:
1. Ground sheet or tarp

2. Foam mattress
            (air mattress not recommended for two reasons:
               a. they can deflate in the night
               b. A foam mattress will keep you warmer)

3. Sleeping bag

4. Extra blanket

5. Small pillow if desired

6. Small stuffed animal if desired.


1. Lay the groundsheet out.

2. lay the Foam mattress in the middle. The groundsheet should be slightly longer than the mattress, and should be at least twice as wide.

3. lay sleeping bag on top of mattress, then blanket

4. place your pillow and furry friend in the middle of the sleeping bag

5. fold the sides over, so that the whole bundle looks like a present.

6. Start at the head, and roll the bundle up as tightly as you can

7. Once it is rolled, use nylon cord to tie the bedroll up tightly.

a. Go around one side:

b. Then across:

C. Around the other side:

d. over one end:

e. under the rope

f. across again:

g. under the rope on the other side, then around the other end:

h. Back to where you started:

i. Now make a handle:

j. And you’re done!

And there you go. One dry sleeping bag.

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  1. Hmmmm, they taught us a slightly different method, and then threw ours in lake ontario to see how good a job we did! Good ole Waupoos.


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