Wednesday, 5 August 2009

What's that noise?

Last night I was drowsing while Hubby was watching a movie on the laptop. I kept hearing a noise, and eventually realized that he wasn't making it.

Me: Um, Honey, do you hear that?

Him: Yup

Me: Um, what is it?

Him: I don't think it's anything.

Me: But it sounds like it's under the bed... is there a raccoon under the bed?

Him: A raccoon under the bed?

Me: yeah....

Him: No, there is no raccoon under the bed.

Me: Aren't you gonna to check what it is then?

Him: Why, do I look like a big strong man?

Me: Um, yes.  Right now, definitely.

Him: (skeptically looks at me. Then looks under the bed) ARRRGGHHHH!!!

Me: (squeal like a little girl)

Him: Here's a teddy, you goof. (Hands me one of the baby's teddy bears)

And then he went and closed the window, so that the breeze would stop rattling the papers under the bed.

The end.

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