Saturday, 1 August 2009

Off to camp

I'm obviously behind, seeing as today I PICK HER UP from camp at 10:30, and she's been there six days.


But, here she is arriving at camp, getting ready to pitch her tent (in the rain)

It was beautiful weather when we left the church at 1:00, however, by the time we got to camp, only 45 mins away, the rain clouds looked ominous.

We got there a little early, but that was probably for the best, as most kids were coming by bus.  We beat the bus in, so there wasn't swarms of kids everywhere while we were trying to get to her camp site.

She didn't take the bus because it was actually further to drive her to the bus stop than it was to camp.  That's why I love this Girl Guide camp.  It's fairly close to home.  Chuckie & I camped there with our unit in June (see 'camp stories' parts one, two, & three).

As she Advanced to Pathfinders in the Spring, she is with the Pathfinder Unit this time around. 


Apparently part of the Pathfinder program is lighting a fire in the rain.  The leaders were prepared with squirt bottles in case there was no rain.

They also have to pitch a tent after dark.  I noticed a pile of blindfolds ready.

I think I like the way these leaders think.

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