Friday, 18 September 2009

Damn the Butterflies!!

Almost there. Almost. Tomorrow is LSIS #10 - The Georgina Cup. Whichever boat is first across the line on straight time wins the cup. Likely it won't be Iris, it will probably be one of the spinnaker boats, but then there was that race back in the spring where we beat the spin fleet on corrected time, and Newfie beat the spinnaker boats to take the cup once too. Anything is possible.

What I do think is possible is that we beat both Canadian and Newfie across the finish. I am optimistic. I have great crew, and it looks like the wind is in our favour. My fingers are crossed.

On Sunday we have the last race of the season - LSIS #11 - Georgina short course. Its a quick triangle-sausage around the buoys. Wind is predicted to be light for it as well, but with a little rain. We may do well, I don't know what to expect.

My hopes are high, but these damned butterflies just won't let up.

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