Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Vacation Stories - Part One

So, we packed up our boat with everything we thought we would need and then some. You remember those cartoons, where there is too much stuff and too little space, but the character puts everything is a suitcase, and then they show the suitcase with everything neatly folded and fitting properly???

That's what the boat was like, except for the neatly folded and fitting properly.

When we left, this was what the boat looked like:

That's where the playpen usually goes. Buddy got to cuddle with Mommy and Daddy for the first few nights until we had things sorted out a little better. I didn't take a picture of the aft berth, but it was just as bad.

Buddy spent much of the first day like this:

And this:

Chuckles spent the first day doing this:
Mommy spent her day doing this:

While Daddy was busy driving:

A few days in, we did manage to get things squared away better. Going through the locks was great, it was nice and peaceful. We left during a heat wave, but the temperature dropped perceptibly when we left the open lake and entered the canal system.


  1. Tracey, it was dreamy....Buddy slept almost all day whenever we had the motor on!! Of course, that meant he was up all night too!!

  2. Wow!! your pictures are wonderful! You all look like the world is treating you well. Daddy sure has a big smile and all the rest of you look so relaxed...Good times! may you enjoy the fun parts forever! kwgma


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