Sunday, 13 September 2009

Vacation Stories – Part Five

We left Frying Pan Bay, and headed up to Indian Harbour. I must admit, I was not a fan of the Indian Harbour anchorage. When we arrived, there was one other sailboat at anchor here, and they were getting ready to head out.

After a few hours, Hubby was napping, and Buddy and I were playing in a bucket of water in the cockpit.

A Very Big Boat came and tried anchoring in the harbour. Try one… fail. Anchor didn’t grab. Try two… fail. Anchor still didn’t grab. Try three…. Um, honey??? Can you come up here for a sec?? this guy seems kinda close…….

Unfortunately, the anchor did grab that time. When we were sitting above, we were staring right into the guys boat.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, a few hours later her decided that he was going to drop a second anchor, so that he wouldn’t swing. Now, when you go into an anchorage, etiquette states that you drop the same anchors as the first guy there. That way, when you swing (which you’re supposed to do), you swing together, therefore not hitting. With where we were, we could now swing right into him, since he now had much less of an arc.

I got a horrible sleep that night. I kept getting up and ‘gophering,’ sticking my head out of the hatch on the vee-berth to see how close we were to him. It was most unsettling, and I was eager to get going the next day.

The other problem with this anchorage was there was no where to go…. There were cottages all around, so we couldn’t use the Barbie Dream Boat to go ashore at all.

ON TOP of all of THAT, there was one boat that dropped anchor SMACK in the middle of the channel. Then swore at all the boats that went by him. One boat slowed right down “Um excuse me…. Do you guys know you’re in the middle of the channel???” His response? “Yay well… F you too!”


The next morning we got up, and went to our favourite spot on the trip.  We waved to the hitchhiker on our way out of the Harbour

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