Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Vacation Stories – Part Seven

Ok, so we had dinner aboard Iris, and were cleaning up the boat, when Chuck looked out and said “they’re coming over in their dinghy I think!”

We spent a very pleasant evening playing ‘Wizard,’ (card game), and chatting. It was probably close to eleven when we packed it in and the other folks headed back to their boat, “L’eau Rider.”

Buddy was asleep in the Vee Berth during this visit. Apparently, he was sleeping with every bug in the bay.

We were planning on leaving the next day, but again, stayed. The kids swam and played, the grownups relaxed, all was good.

The kids aboard the other boat came over in their dinghy, “Genesis,” to pick Chuck up. The kids went for a little dinghy ride, then back to L’eau Rider. Hubby & I squared away the boat, then got into the Barbie Dream boat to go for a ride. Hubby pulled the start cord, and….. had an engine in one hand, and a start cord in the other. Oops.

We rowed over to L’eau Rider (it was the stealth approach), where Greg had an assortment of tools. While the Daddies fixed the engine, the tweens continued playing, and Buddy & I hung out.

We went back to Iris for lunch, and afterwards the kids all went for a swim with the Daddies, while Buddy went for a nap. The only way to get Buddy to nap while at anchor / dock was to nap with him. So I ‘sacrificed’ and went for a snooze too.

That evening, we took sausages and went to L’eau Rider, they brought out Kraft Dinner, and we had a great evening hanging out. The tweens hung out below, the grown ups had some time to chat above, and Buddy snoozed on either my lap or Daddy’s. We had to leave the next day, but we could have stayed there for the rest of our vacation.

That afternoon, wicked storms had blown through the GTA, including Tornadoes. We sent off a quick email from the wireless on L’eau Rider to let folks know that we were safe. Where we were, we had a few Thunderclaps, a steady rain for an hour or so, but that was all.

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