Saturday, 12 September 2009

Vacation Stories – Part Four

So on Day Four we were ready to actually start our adventure. We left Doral bright and early, and headed to Midland to grab a few groceries before we headed north.

Heading out of Midland:

We got our stuff, and headed on out. It was a Sunday, and so most of the boats were heading back in to the harbour, we were one of few that were travelling northward. This was ok since we were heading to Beausoleil Island, a National Park, as we figured since the weekend was over, there would be more space for us.

We went up to the north tip of Beausoleil, to Frying Pan Bay. As we pulled into the Bay, we noticed that there were two sets of docks, and a few boats anchored out. We weren’t really sure if the docks had enough draft for us, but they had plenty, and there was plenty of room.

There was small beach there, and a few other boats. I took Buddy over to the beach, still with his lifejacket on, but dressed, figuring he could get his toes wet (it was very hot… a cool down was definitely required). He promptly ran into the water and fell. So much for just getting his toes wet, eh?

So I went back to the boat, grabbed his bathing suit, put him in that and his lifejacket, and let him play in the water. We have a lead line on his lifejacket, about three feet long, so that when we are underway, he is cleated to the boat (easy to un-cleat in case of emergency), and it also means that he can walk on the dock ‘independently’ with one of us holding his line.

We spent the first night there. In the morning, we were supposed to head on up the Bay a little more…. But we felt lazy. And comfortable. So we stayed, and rested, and played in the water for another day.

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  1. You have such wonderful memories! Is it fair to say that having read all four of the chapters to date I am green with envy! Lucky You!!! kwgma


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