Saturday, 19 September 2009

Vacation Stories – Part Eleven

Early the next morning Hubby & woke up and, after a quick breakfast of Butter Tarts and Coffee, headed out. We were gone even before the dock staff had woken to give us a hand off.

We were cruising like we were racing. It should have taken us two days to get to Midland. Instead, we found many shortcut channels to take. It was funny going back south, and in one day:

“there’s where we stayed last night”

“there’s where we were two nights ago”

“there’s the cut off for Frying Pan bay”

The only ‘dicey’ part of the trip was when we were off the strip charts an on the large chart, and we were TRYING to find the marker buoys, and couldn’t see them. If we missed them, there were breaking rocks to the south that we were worried we would get hung up on.

We found the buoy’s eventually (we never got close to the rocks), and headed down into Midland. Coming down the Bay, I drove, while Hubby removed the Boom, and tidied up the boat, getting it ready to drop the mast.

The journey that should have taken two days? We left Henry’s at about 8:00 in the morning. We arrived in Midland at 2:30 in the afternoon.

By 4:00, we were already heading out of Midland with our mast down.

We went through Potato channel again, after searching for the Bifurcation Buoy in the bay. We sent warning out over the radio that we were heading through the channel. One boat heard our warning and waited for us. One didn’t, and crowded us through the channel, but we made it through without touching bottom.

We made it to the locks at Severn, and went up. At this point we checked our log book, to see how long it had taken us to get from Severn to Big Chute, and found it to be 2 hours. The locks were closing in an hour, so we knew that we would make it to the bottom of Big Chute that night, but no further.

I phoned Mom & Dad that night to let them know what our progress was, since we’d said we’d phone when we got to Midland.

They were most surprised to hear that we were already in the Severn system.

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