Thursday, 10 September 2009

Vacation Stories - Part Two

So, the next day we woke bright and early to continue through the locks. We had made it through one lock the day before, and we tied off at the top of the next overnight.

Have I mentioned how much I like the locks? This was a great place to stay. Very quiet and peaceful. At this particular lock, the staff commute in by boat in the morning, as the only other access is via a logging road.

So, we prepared to go down:

(I'd just like to point out the location of my coffee right now. In my hand. 'Cause that was a good place for it)
We made it down the lock, with the only incident being that by the time we reached the bottom, instead of my coffee being in my cup, it was all over the foredeck.
This lock was a HUGE drop, and I felt slightly claustrophobic as we decended.
Chuck elected to walk down, so she got to photograph our descent:

(I'd like to point out the presense of COFFEE on the deck right now)

We made it down, and Hubby made me a new cup of coffee.
We then continued our leisurly motor through the locks.

Here's how Buddy spent his day:

And how Chuck spent hers:


Until we got to the marine Railroad.

Everyone woke up for that one.

After the railroad, Buddy was sleepy, so his sister took him below to have a nap:

I'd like you all to notice WHO'S eyes are OPEN and WHO'S are CLOSED!!
From here we motored out to Georgian Bay, and on to Doral Marine Resort.

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