Monday, 14 September 2009


Hawkestone is a week past. I'm really happy with how we did. 2 thirds and a second. Iris is still in first place in our division, and we are headed into the last regatta of the season, hosted by my home club, and usually well attended by local racers. Its great to see everyone out enjoying a day on the water. I hope they stay home.

As much as I love the guys from my home club, and as much fun as it is to sail against them, they cause me much concern. First, I haven't made it to any of our races this year, I made a deal with SWMBO at the start of the season that I would cut back on the sailing this season, so I have only been racing LSIS events, and that means no Thursday night Beer-Can races, and no "off the schedule" fun races.

Since I haven't raced against the guys from my home club, I totally don't know what to expect from them on the course.

In order to defend our 1st place standings in the club, I need to get a first place finish in both races this weekend, and Newfie Screach needs to get 3rd or worse. In both races. Newfie is hard for me to beat. Newfie is from my home club.

Since things are points based, its not a matter of finishing 2 places ahead of Newfie. I have to get a first place finish. And Newfie has to take the points for third or worse. I need a miracle for that to happen.

I'll need a second miracle if a few of the other tough to beat boats from our club show up. In particular I am concerned about "Stardust", "Summer School", and "Desiree", all of whom can really boogie in the right conditions. If any of them beat us across the line - well, there goes our first place finish.

To beat these guys, I have made a grid of the things that would work as offensive tactics...
Summer School Announce a Windsurfing Competition on the other side of the lake
DesireeAnything shiny will distract him.
StardustHire him as a photographer for something far away from the marina

If I don't finish in first it becomes a battle for second. To take second place I have to beat "I am Canadian". As long as I finish ahead of him, and in the top 3, I think I'll be OK. I think.

I've tried to recruit the skippers from some of the other boats, and no takers. I am not sure how I can beat all these guys, but there must be a way.

I'm open to ideas. Whether I beat them on the water or off it doesn't matter, I just have to get around the pins faster than anyone else.

The jitters have set in.

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