Friday, 11 September 2009

Vacation Stories - Part Three

After getting through the locks, we spent a night at Doral Marine Resort in Midland. We had a free night pass here, from the boat show last year, so it was a good deal.

These guys have a pool, a playground, power & water at all the docks. I could have totally gotten used to that!

They gave us a slip right beside the pool, which was great with the kids. We wondered at first how we'd managed to get a prime spot, then realized that to most people, it wouldn't be prime. It would be too loud so close to the pool!

So hubby started getting the mast up, and I started dinner. There was a picnic table at our slip, so I gathered my pots, stove, bbq, food, etc, and spread it all out at the picnic table and started making out spaghetti.

People kept walking by and looking at us weird. We were definitely the odd ones out, cooking AT OUR PICNIC TABLE!! but I wasn't going to cook in the boat, which can be quite cramped, when I had the table there, and Hubby was trying to get the mast up!

We ended up staying for two nights, since it took a bit longer than anticipated to get the mast up, and we needed time to chill out. Day two was spent lounging in the pool and at the playground.

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