Friday, 18 September 2009

Vacation Stories - Part Ten

It was the weirdest thing to have to go back to the boat without the kids. I have spent many weekends away from Chuck, and one away from Buddy before.

Chuck has ben going to camp every summer, weekends at her Mom's, weekends at Grandma's, etc, for as long as I've been around.

Buddy went to Grandma's in June while I was Girl Guide Camping.

But it is not the same when it is unplanned. The worst part was going back to the boat, and seeing Carlton Bear, Buddy's story books, Chuck's novel, all in the boat.

In an attempt to tidy up so that we could move quickly, Hubby packed all the kids things into a rubbermaid, and put it back in the quarter berth. I went and got Carlton and Sophie out of it. They would be lonely in there. I just couldn't couldn't pack them away!

On our way back from Parry Sound to the boat, we covered as much ground as we were planning on covering in the next week or so on Iris. I think that the engine on the water taxi was worth more than our whole boat was.

I tried to take photos. I said to Hubby we would know which ones were from the water taxi, since they all had the wake in them.

We got back to Henry's.  I took a picture of Chuck's rock, just for fun.  Here's where she broke her leg:

Hubby & I went for lunch at Henry's.  The plan had been to have lunch and get going, but as we were eating, we were both crashing.  We decided that we would be better off to have a rest, a good night's sleep, and then get going early in the morning instead.

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  1. I like the water picture with the bridge!

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