Sunday, 20 September 2009

Vacation Stories – Part Twelve.

We were up bright and early the next morning, waiting for the locks to open.

After we got to the top, we decided to go to the little restaurant for breakfast, since we hadn’t even stopped to eat the day before.

We had a great breakfast, and were on our way.

We found that the current was a lot greater going up stream (of course), but much more significantly than we expected. We found when we reached home that the water in our harbour had dropped significantly, and we wonder if water is being drained from Lake Simcoe into the Trent system, as this does often happen towards the end of August / early September.

We got through the last two locks without incident, and continued on, into Lake Couch, then Lake Simcoe.

Across L. Simcoe, the water was rough. It would have been a much more comfortable ride if we had sails up, but with the mast laid down, obviously it wasn’t happening.

I drove the last bit across the lake, while Hubby dumped everything above deck below.

We arrived in our slip at 7:30 at night, dirty & exhausted. We docked, locked the boat, and left. I think it was a record for least time spent in the harbour after a sail.

One fellow sailor asked if we’d sold the children into slavery, to which I replied that no, they were at Grandma’s.

We arrived home, and phoned Mom & Dad. Buddy was just about asleep in Chuck’s lap, so we decided that we’d be best to get a good sleep, and go get the kids the next day.

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