Monday, 14 September 2009

Vacation Stories – Part Six

We left Indian Harbour, and headed up to 12 mile Bay. There is a very common anchorage in 12 Mile Bay, right at the mouth of Georgian Bay. We decided to skip this anchorage though, and kept heading up the bay.

Holey Smokes!! A photo of Buddy WITH HIS EYES OPEN while we’re underway!

The Bay was gorgeous:

We found the best spot ever. I’m not even going to tell you where it is, because it is MY secret anchorage!! :)

To pull into this anchorage, we went in between the bleach bottles that were marking the opening of the Bay. There was one other boat in there at the time. I was a little nervous when we first pulled in.

Me: Um, honey??? Are we sure this is a good place?

Him: What are you talking about! This is great! Sheltered, beach area……

Me: Um, did the other boat say that they were staying overnight, or just for lunch?

Him: Just lunch I think

Me: oh… ok

Then Chuck asked if she could go for a swim.

Me: Yes, but only on that side of the boat away from the other boat!!

Hubby is thinking that I have completely lost my mind by this point.

The other boat took their Dingy down the Bay for a bit. While they were gone:

Me: Um Honey? You’re sure the nudists aren’t staying, right?

Him: She wasn’t naked, was she?

Me: No. But he was.

Note: overweight out of shape 60+ year old men SHOULD NOT wear speedo thongs. Nor should they go skinny dipping.


They left.

We Chilled

And swam

Another boat arrived, and called out if it was ok to drop anchor for the night. We saw TWO tweens on deck, and told them OF COURSE!! People for Chuck to hang around with!!! Perfect!

There was an 11 year old and 13 year old. Chuck is 12. Could it have been any more perfect?

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