Monday, 13 April 2009

12 Volts of Success!

Yee-Haw!! The wiring works!! 12 Volt rewiring is duly removed from my "To do list."

After spending weeks twiddling my thumbs, I finally found the root of all wiring evil, and I think I tackled it. I now have 2 batteries each showing 13.X volts, a switch that disables the shore power charger, and properly fused circuits all around. All that needs doing now is for some zip ties to clean things up and regular monitoring of the juice boxes.

Next on the list - completion of the solar vent installation, and re-installation of the teak. Then I can de-tarp and get the outboard running properly.

Tentatively looking at mid to late May for launch... Actively soliciting help in a couple dry runs of rigging the beast!

I spent a bunch of time on Friday getting the decks clean so that the teak will bed properly when re-installed. Learned an important secret there... Lee Valley paint stripper will eat away 3m 4200 sealant. The job went a lot easier than I had anticipated. I'll try to post pics later.

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