Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Good Weather ahead!

Looks like this weekend will be a major maintenance event. The goal is to get home early on Friday (18 degrees) and get the teak stained, and a Nicro vent installed in the hole in the foredeck.

Saturday morning (16 Degrees) is the Teak re-installation session, followed by the tentative de-tarping of the boat if the teak is all looking good.

Teak re-installation/de-tarping to be followed by interior clean out. There are more tools in the boat right now than there are in the house. Seriously, SWMBO was trying to fix the swing set in the back yard last weekend, and every tool she needed was on the boat. That's pretty bad. This morning I couldn't find a slot screwdriver - likely they are all on the boat as well.

Interior clean out to be followed by bleachy wash down of the interior. Its a spring ritual. If I get the teak on and the boat cleaned out I'll be a happy guy, but that means major task #3, the engine rebuild will still be waiting, and I MUST get the bow wet sanded and our proper registration numbers on there. Hmmm. I wonder how far I'll get over the weekend. Maybe I can do a little wet sanding after work each night, hanging upside down from the foredeck...

I think it would be easier to just wait until the tarp is removed.

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  1. Well here I am again and tho I saw there were lots of jobs to do (as of the 15th April) we didn't see/hear what has actually happened since! In all truth tho I guess it's pretty tough to get the work done and still take time to visit family. Good luck this sounds like at least the weather will be on your side!! Sunny and warm. Hopefully that is a good thing for you. We're doing the roof so it should be good for us. Thanks for your stripping offer. You're too busy...we'll manage. Take care!~


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