Friday, 17 April 2009

Playing Outside

At the End of March, we had a couple of beautiful spring days. It gave one hope that spring may actually make it to Southern Ontario this year. The Buddy Boy and I spent a couple of great days outside

Mama, what is this stuff?? It feels kinda weird….

I’m not sure I wanna be touching that….
Hey Look….. I can pick it up!!

Did she just lick the stump?? Mama, I think that my Sister just licked the stump… can I lick the stump?

It’s fun out here Mom… can we play out here tomorrow too?

And then, Mother nature ina ll her wisdom, gave us this:

Note that this was where I was sitting with the baby outside:

The poor Robin's were so miserable.... I had to stop the car so that one could move out of the way when I was leaving the driveway.  If I hadn't stopped for him, I would have smushed him.
Mama, I wanna go out there!!

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