Thursday, 30 April 2009

Sick Baby

Sorry about the lack of posting.  The baby has been sick since Sunday, and still has one more day before he can return to daycare.

Doctor #1 (Monday), said that it was a virus, give him tylenol for the fever, his ears and throat are fine, bring him back Wednesday since he's so young, but he should be fine by then.

Doctor #2 (Wednesday), said he has a nasty ear and throat infection, he needs to go on antibiotics right away, and can't return to daycare until he's been on them for 48 hours.  great.  That would be noon on Friday.  So if he'd been put on the antibiotics on Monday, I'd have a happy baby back by now, and he'd be back in Daycare Thursday.  As it is, I took the early week off to stay with him, and hubby took the end of the week.

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