Saturday, 18 April 2009

Happy Birthday Little Buddy!!

So, in all of the excitement of returning to work, I may have forgotten to mention something.

If I could just remember what it was….

Oh yeah, my boy turned One!

So, you’re waiting for the photo of the melting down baby now, right? ‘Cause with all the excitement of the party, it’s bound to happen?? Well, due to some careful planning by Mama, there were no meltdowns!! Yeah for a happy boy!!

We had his party a week early, ‘cause his birthday was the day before Easter. So that morning, Daddy, Big Sis, & Mama went to church as normal, and the Buddy Boy stayed at home with Mama’s cousin. He had a nice quiet morning, an early lunch, then an early nap… so he was fresh and ready to go for the festivities at two!

Umm… mama… what is that burning thing that you’re bringing towards me??

Cousin Katelyn helped the Buddy blow out his candles, since her birthday was um… yesterday? Two days ago… Oops… HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATELYN!!

Ohh… This stuff tastes good… you say this stuff is cake… I think I like cake.

I like Cake a lot… is there anymore of that Cake stuff left??

No? Well, I’ll hang out with Uncle Mike then. He’s wearing funny hat like I was!

Hey… this is a cool new toy!!! Mama, look at Grandma & Katelyn & I playing with my new toy!!

Ack!! There’s a girl in here!! Run away!

Alright, I guess I can share with my cousin… If I haveta.

Mama, I think she’s gonna throw that thing at me….
She’s gonna bean me Mama….with my own toy!!
No, never mind…. She’s just gonna sit on me... I can handle that!!

Happy Birthday Little Buddy!

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