Thursday, 25 June 2009

A Second Voyage to Barrie

It looks like we will be moving Iris to Barrie tonight in preparation for the next LSIS race. Tonight is also race night at our home club. This presents a tough decision. Do I race the home fleet, and then head to Barrie, and hope that I get home before midnight, or do I skip the home race and just go to Barrie.

I'd like to do the race first so that I get another shot at improving tacking angles, fine tuning things, and prepping the boat for the big event, on the other hand, the time that would be spent racing could be spent dockside, tinkering.

On the other hand, once I get to Barrie and call SWMBO to come drive me home, I will have about an hour to fine tune things on the boat. Maybe the best plan is to race at home, sail across, and then tinker while I wait for SWMBO.

Its a tough decision.

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