Friday, 12 June 2009

BIG Family Wedding

This weekend is my Cousin's wedding, in London Ont.

At first, BB was going to stay with a sitter.  Then, I realized that pretty much anyone who could care for him for the full 24 hours would be AT THE WEDDING.  right.  We would need to drop him off at around 1:00 on Saturday afternoon, and then not get him until 1:00 on Sunday, or possibly earlier on Saturday / later on Sunday, depending on where the person bbsitting lived.

And then I realized:
1) He stayed with Grandma last weekend while Mommy was camping and Daddy was sailing
2) He stayed with Daddy the weekend before when Mommy was at the Church conference
3) This would be the third weekend in a row that he would be without Mommy
4) There will be so many aunts / uncles/cousins/grandmas/ etc. at the wedding, that there will be TONS of people to take turns.
5) He would be the only memeber of the family (5 children & spouses, 14 grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren) who would not be there.
6) This will be the first time that EVERY member of the family will be at a function since my wedding in Augist 2007

So he is going.  And now I need to figure out exactly how much stuff to pack.  Because I need a playpen, highchair (maybe) baby monitor (maybe) etc.  It is a fine line between taking what I need, and taking too much.

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