Wednesday, 3 June 2009

"I learned to walk using the diaper rash method"

Or, "my bum was too sore to sit down, so I stood up instead. And then took a step. And another."

The little Buddy started walking two days ago, but only with his shoes on. Then last night, when he was naked in the living room to dry out, he started walking in bare feet.

Did I mention that Grandma is babysitting this weekend?? Lucky Grandma.

And for the rash, we have:

- Used a hairdryer on low to dry things out

- Put Vaseline on the diaper so that he won't stick

- Used Ihle's paste

- Let him crawl around bare

- Used cornstarch

Last night he was so sore he would not sit in his highchair, it hurt too much. We nearly called telehealth when he was screaming at one in the morning.

This morning it did look better (not healed, but better). He gets a rash every time he teethes, and only when he teethes. But this has got to be the worst one yet. I can't even see the tooth. I believe that it must be an eye tooth, they're supposed to be the bad ones, right? Although he has two upper molars, but only one lower molar... So I expected that the other lower molar would be next.

Anybody have any other suggestions for a diaper rash?

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  1. YAY BB!
    Life gets so much more exhausting with newly mobile little people. Plus, there's the excitement of missing stuff - relocated in the course of wandering.
    Sweet Pea has started covering a fair bit of distance on her own this week. This morning she walked clear across the living room, and right up the first 2 stairs. Time for a gate!


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