Monday, 11 May 2009


So I visited the giant school yard sale the other day, and for $40, I got about $400 - $500 worth of Thomas the tank engine "bits"
The box came with 11(!) Trains, lots of track, the bridge, the lift bridge ($50 on it's own) and many other special bits & pieces.
Each train retails for $20 - $35, so to get eleven trains for the $40 was a good deal alone. Not only that, but there are two 'Thomas' trains, two 'Lady' trains, two 'Petersam' trains, the hand car, and two different freights cars. There is one steel car that doesn't fit the set, but I can handle that, and the last car... I forget who it is. But I could probably sell the doubles on E-bay and make back my $40 if I wanted to!

The funny thing is, I bought them for the Buddy.... but the one who enjoys them the most right now is a tie, between Daddy & LR!! So fun for the whole family I guess!!
The best part... the cheaper wooden track from Ikea fits into it... so if I want more track, forget the expensive Thomas track... Ikea, here I come!

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  1. Wow!! and to think...all I thought was that it looked good and everyone seemed to enjoy it! Great shopping!! you did wonderfully and I know for sure it's a BIG hit!!! gmp


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