Friday, 24 July 2009

A call for Crew - Night Race August 8-9th

It looks like we will be short a couple folks for the night race. Ideally we should have 3-4 people on board for it, but right now it looks like Patty and I are the only ones confirmed.

The race goes from Barrie Yacht Club, around Lake Simcoe, and then back to Barrie Yacht Club and starts on the 8th of August, ending on the 9th.

In a perfect world, 3 people would be on deck and one sleeping at all times.

If we only get 3 people for crew this time around, then we will have three on deck for the start, and then send one person to bed right afterwards, rotating a person out of the watch every 2 hours or so. This way everyone should stay well rested no matter how long the race runs.

Remember, we are in first place overall right now, and we can't afford to miss this race! We need you!


  1. Damn. Stupid Kevin and his stupid wedding. I was supposed to be on Iris that weekend. GRRRR

  2. Hey, what time does the race start?- J


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